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Andon Loss & Energy Monitoring System

How It's Work ?

The Andon System optimizes production and reduces loss in various industries. It provides real-time production insights, identifies waste sources, and ensures timely equipment maintenance. With plant runtime monitoring and alarm systems, it minimizes disruptions. Furthermore, the system generates detailed reports in Excel and PDF formats for informed decision-making and compliance. Moreover, it also analyzes shift production data for strategic planning. Overall, Andon System boosts operational efficiency and productivity while minimizing loss.

Classification Of Panasonic

Panasonic Screen

1. Monthly Data Plan:-

Firstly, a Monthly Data Plan is established to set, track, and manage performance targets on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. Additionally, this plan involves breaking down larger goals into smaller, more manageable targets, enabling better monitoring and adjustment of progress over time. Moreover, here’s how it typically operates:

  1. Daily Plan
  2. Monthly Plan
  3. Yearly Plan
  4. Reset Process
  5. Reporting
  6. Excel and PDF Formats
Additionally, by implementing a Monthly Data Plan with daily, monthly, and yearly targets, organizations can effectively manage their performance objectives and drive continuous improvement. Furthermore, detailed reporting in Excel and PDF formats ensures that performance data is accessible, actionable, and conducive to informed decision-making.

2. Time Configuration

In a Time Configuration system, users are provided with two options: Automatic and Manual. Each option offers different levels of control over setting and adjusting time-related parameters such as shift timings, break schedules, and overtime calculations.

  1. Automatic Mode
  2. Manual Mode

By offering both Automatic and Manual modes in Time Configuration systems, organizations can cater to different operational requirements and preferences. Automatic Mode ensures consistency and adherence to predefined schedules, while Manual Mode provides flexibility and control for adapting to changing circumstances and optimizing resource utilization.

Panasonic Time Configuration

3. Loss Indication:-

In a Loss Indication system, various types of loss are identified and monitored to assess their impact on overall productivity and efficiency. These loss can encompass a range of factors, including manpower, breakdowns, emergencies, maintenance, quality issues, raw material inefficiencies, production delays, and energy consumption. Here’s how each type of loss can be tracked and managed:

  1. Manpower Loss
  2. Breakdown Loss
  3. Emergency Time Loss
  4. Maintenance Time Loss
  5. Quality and Raw Material Loss
  6. Production and Energy Loss

By systematically identifying and monitoring different types of loss, organizations can implement targeted strategies to minimize downtime, improve productivity, and optimize resource utilization, ultimately enhancing overall operational performance.

4. Monitor Screen overview:-

The Monitor Screen overview provides a comprehensive snapshot of key performance indicators and targets relevant to daily operations. Here’s an overview of the information displayed on the screen:

  1. Daily Target
  2. Run Time Target
  3. Run Time Achievement
  4. Efficiency Percentage
  5. Total Emergency Time
  6. Emergency Code

By presenting this information in a clear and concise manner on the Monitor Screen, operators and supervisors can quickly assess performance against targets, identify areas of concern or improvement, and take timely corrective actions to optimize productivity and minimize disruptions. Additionally, having real-time visibility into key metrics enables informed decision-making and proactive management of operations to drive continuous improvement.


5. Data Record

Experience streamlined data management with our Data Record feature. Gain access to comprehensive reports detailing daily, monthly, and yearly production metrics, all available in convenient PDF or Excel formats. Stay ahead of the curve by analyzing your production trends and optimizing your operations with ease.




Our Data Record feature provides daily, monthly, and yearly production reports in PDF or Excel formats. Easily track your production trends and make informed decisions for efficient operations.”

6. Interlocking with machine 

Interlocking with machines involves implementing systems that ensure safe and efficient operation by integrating various conditions. In this context, there are four primary conditions for interlocking machines.
Trigger Button-Based Interlocking
Maintenance Date of Machine Interlocking
Maintenance of Tool Interlocking
Barcode System Interlocking
By integrating these four conditions into the interlocking system, businesses can create a robust framework for ensuring operational safety, efficiency, and compliance. Whether through physical controls like trigger buttons or automated processes such as barcode scanning, interlocking with machines provides a proactive means of managing risks and optimizing performance in industrial settings.


In conclusion, United Control Engineers India Pvt. Ltd takes pride in successfully completing the Andon & Loss Monitoring System project for Panasonic within the agreed-upon timeline. Our team’s commitment to excellence and expertise in delivering tailored solutions has enabled us to provide Panasonic with a robust system that enhances operational efficiency and productivity. We invite you to reach out to us now to discuss how we can assist you with your project needs. Let us collaborate to develop customized solutions that meet your requirements and drive success in your operations.

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