Industrial Automation


Connectwell products are made of high quality materials, clamping and conducting metals which are subjected to strict quality control as demanded by stringent international standards to meet industry-specific needs.
Terminal Blocks

Connectwell & Controlwell Series

Terminal Blocks

A terminal block is a type of insulated electrical connector that connects or secures two or more wires together. They enable the safe connection of wires between circuits. Terminal blocks, also known as terminal strip……….

Flexible metal conduit (FMC) has a spiral construction that enables it to snake through walls and other structures. FMC protects electrical wiring in commercial and industrial buildings……….

Designed to attach and secure the end of an electric cable and the device its connected to. Conduit is a raceway used to house and protect electrical wires within a building or structure..…….

Cable Glands are easy to use and provide high-quality strain relief with a wide clamping range. These glands are manufactured from a high-grade polyamide material, an essentially strong material that is self-extinguishing and corrosion resistant……….

Controlwell Junction Boxes with Knockouts

Junction Boxes with knockouts are made of halogen-free ABS, which has high resistance to chemicals and atmospheric agents. These knockouts can be easily cut out in a wide range of diameters allowing for a selection of cable gland size as per cable diameter……….