Industrial Automation


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A (HMIS) collects, stores, analyses, and evaluates health-related data from health facility to district, regional and national administrative levels.…….

A PLC I/O is the part of the PLC that connects the brain of the PLC, the CPU, to the outside world, the machines..…….

A power supply unit converts mains AC to low-voltage regulated DC power for the internal components of a computer……….


Surge protection

A surge protector circuits from voltage spikes, which can arise from a variety of causes including lightning strikes in the vicinity and have a very short duration measured in microseconds..…….

PCB terminal blocks and PCB connectors

A PCB terminal blocks are modular, insulated devices that mount on printed circuit boards (PCBs) and secure two or more wires together..…….

Terminal blocks

 A screw terminal is a type of electrical connection where a wire is held by the tightening of a screw..…….

Safety relay modules and sensors

The safety relay module is a subsystem that forms the logic part of a safety function, and must therefore correspond to the new safety requirements. .…….

Redundancy modules

A Redundancy modules used to establish true redundant redundancy which increases the availability of electrical systems significantly..…….