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Delta PLC (Programmable logic controller)

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Short Introduction:-

Delta PLC | the dynamic world of industrial automation, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) form the cornerstone, orchestrating operations with precision. Delta PLC has made remarkable strides forward since its conception to meet industry requirements with precision and flexibility.

Understanding PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
  • To truly grasp the significance of Delta PLC, one must first gain an understanding of Programmable Logic Controllers – these computers that help control industrial processes and machinery efficiently for seamless workflow.
  • Delta PLC’s development over time is truly fascinating, demonstrating its dedication to technological advances while adapting to dynamic industry requirements.
  • Delta PLC plays an indisputable role in industrial automation, acting as the brains behind automated systems to maximize productivity and operational efficiency.

Why Select Delta PLC?

Mes Its mes It’s This product’s excellence shines through every stage, even challenging conditions: it ensures stability and unbroken processes – key factors in any industrial ecosystem.

Delta PLC stands out among other PLC systems because of its unparalleled versatility across applications, from simple control tasks to intricate automation processes. It serves a range of industries with its versatile approach.

Delta PLC keeps pace with technological innovation by seamlessly incorporating cutting-edge features. This ensures compatibility with new advancements, making it a future-ready solution for industrial systems.

Merits And Demerits Of Delta PLC

Merits of Delta PLC *:- Reliability is at the core of Delta PLC’s success. Industries rely on its consistent performance, which minimizes downtime while significantly improving operational efficiency.

Delta PLC stands out in the industrial world with its outstanding balance between performance and cost-effectiveness, making it an appealing option for businesses striving to maximize efficiency without breaking their budgets.

Delta PLC stands out for its user-friendly interface and ease of use, which greatly facilitates programming and operation, shortening learning curves for operators while encouraging widespread adoption.

Demerits of Delta PLC*:- Delta PLC can excel in many applications, yet scalability issues might create obstacles in large-scale industrial settings. Due to these constraints, careful consideration must be given based on each industry’s needs before selecting Delta PLC as your solution.

Learning Curve for Beginners

Delta PLC may require significant learning efforts for individuals new to industrial automation. Appropriate training and resources must be considered when making any decisions regarding integration; thus, this factor must be included when making choices about this system.

As with any technological system, Delta PLC requires regular maintenance to remain reliable and avoid disruptions. Thus, proactive steps should be taken in response to maintenance challenges in order to extend system reliability.

Applications Of Delta PlC

Delta PLC makes an indelible mark on the manufacturing industry by controlling production lines, guaranteeing precision, and optimizing overall operational efficiency. Their contribution towards streamlining manufacturing processes is immense.

PLC plays an invaluable role in the energy sector, overseeing all aspects of production and distribution as well as optimizing energy-related processes. Their contribution can be seen through their success at managing and controlling various aspects.

Empowering Robotics and Automation

Delta PLC’s partnership with robotics is evident, enabling automated systems to perform tasks with exceptional accuracy and speed – contributing significantly to advances in robotics and automation. This cooperation results in advancements in both fields.

Series Of Delta PLC


HVAC, molding injection machine, big storage management, packaging machine,
precise textile machine, logistic system


  • MPU points:16 / 20 / 24 / 32 / 40 / 60
  • Program capacity: 16k steps
  • Built-in with 3 COM ports: 1 RS-232 port and 2 RS-485 ports, all are able to
    operate independently (Master/Slave)
  • Max. I/O points: 256 input points + 16 output points, or 256 output points + 16 input


HVAC, molding injection machine, big storage management, packaging machine,

precise textile machine, logistic system


  • MPU points:16 / 20 / 24 / 32 / 40 / 60
  • Program capacity: 16k steps
  • Built-in with 3 COM ports: 1 RS-232 port and 2 RS-485 ports, all are able to
  • operate independently (Master/Slave)
  • Max. I/O points: 256 input points + 16 output points, or 256 output points + 16 input
  • points
  • DVP-EX2 MPU is built in with 12-bit 4AD/2DA and offers analog/temperature
  • modules of 14-bit resolution
  • Built-in with 8 high-speed input points (2 points for 100kHz, 6 points for 10kHz) and
  • supports U/D, U/D Dir, A/B counting modes
  • New motion control instructions: Close loop control, alignment mark, shield,
  • immediate variable speed, S-curve acceleration/deceleration
  • Application in the emerging industry: Exclusive instructions and function blocks
  • designed for PV solar tracker
  • Handy instructions for frequency inverter: For controlling the forward running,
  • reverse running, RUN and STOP of Delta's AC motor drives
  • Password protection: Password for subroutine, user ID, restriction on trial times
  • Highly efficient instruction efficient instruction execution


Processing machines, injection molding machines, packaging machines, precision textile machines, large-scale warehousing, logistics systems


  • CPU:
    – 32-bit high-speed processor
    – Built-in I/O points: 32 / 48 / 64 / 80
  • Program capacity: 64k steps
  • General register: 64k words
  • Communication ports: RS-485 * 2, Ethernet * 1, and CANopen DS301 * 1
  • Built-in SD interface (Micro SD)
  • I/O points: 256 points (256 inputs / 256 outputs)
  • 4 high-speed counters: maximum frequency 200 kHz for each counter
  • 4-axis (8 points) high-speed position output at 200 kHz
  • Supports a total of 8-axis (CANopen) position outputs
  • Supports IEC61131-3 programming (LD, ST, SFC and CFC)


Single control unit, landscape fountain, building automation


  • MPU points: 10/ 14 / 16 / 24 / 32 / 60
  • I/O points: 60
  • Program capacity: 4k steps
  • COM ports: Built-in RS-232 and RS-485 ports (available in 16-60 point models); compatible with Modbus ASCII/RTU protocol
  • Built-in 4 points of high-speed counters*:


HVAC, printing machine, packaging machine, moulding injection machine, inspection system


  • Digital modules (output/input/mix): 8,16, 32(AC power)
  • Analog modules (output/input/mix): 4 channel, 6 channel inputs (14-bit)
  • Temperature measurement modules: conversion time 200ms/channel, overall accuracy +/-0.6%, resolution RTD inputs Pt100 / Pt1000 / Ni100 / Ni1000, thermocouple inputs J, K, R, S, T, E, N-type
  • Resolver modules: distance 50M, resolution 12 bits, 500rpm, disconnection detection is supported.


Automated equipment such as electronics manufacturing, labelling, food packaging, and textile machines


  1. New 32-bit SoC (System on Chip) CPU
  2. I/O: 1,024
  3. Program capacity: AS300 series 128k steps, AS200 series 64k steps
  4. Data registers: 60k words
  5. Extension modules: max. 32 (analogue modules: max.16 / communication modules: max. 4)
  6. Execution speed: up to 40k steps /ms
  7. – Basic instruction (LD): 25 ns
  8. – Application instruction (MOV): 0.15 μs
  9. There is an abundant selection of DIO modules, AIO modules, temperature modules, load cell modules and function cards.


Electronics manufacturing, packaging, printing, sealing, wire electrical-discharge machining, pharmaceutical machines, digital board cutting machines, CNC lathes, and more.


  1. Motion Control Network:

    – AS516E: EtherCAT (100 Mbps)
    – AS524C: CANopen DSP402 (1 Mbps)

  2. Controllable Axes/Time: Up to 32 axes can be synchronized including virtual axes
    – AS516E(EtherCAT): 16 axes/1ms; max. 16 real axes
    – AS524C(CANopen): 4 axes/2ms, 8 axes/4ms; max. 24 real axes
  3. E-CAM function:

    – Number of E-CAM table: 64
    – Data points of single E-CAM: 2048

  4. Program/Performance:

    – Program: 20 MB; Symbol: 20 MB: G code: 256KB
    – 1GHz high-speed processor supports high-precision computing for 64-bit LREAL data(Double-precision floating-point format)

  5. Communication:

    – Programming/serial communication ports: USB(2.0)/RS232/RS485
    – CANopen port: 1 (DS301 master/slave)
    – Ethernet port: 1 (AS516E) / 2(AS524C); supporting MODBUS TCP (Server/Client) and Ethernet/IP(Adapter)

  6. I/O Interface:

    – Built-in 2 incremental encoder interfaces and 1 SSI absolute encoder interface
    – Onboard I/O: 16DI(supports interrupts) / 8DO
    – Max. I/O: 1,024
    – Module expansion: max. 32 (analog modules: max.16)

  7. Built-in Mini SD card slot
  8. Supports RTC function (CR1620 3V battery is required)

Delta PLC
Delta PLC
Delta PLC
Delta PLC

The Role Of United Control Engineers in Delta PLC

United Control Engineers provide essential assistance for industries in selecting appropriate Delta PLC solutions, as their expertise and consultation help guarantee optimal performance tailored to suit the unique requirements of every industry.

Our company understand the diversity of each industry, which is why they specialize in tailor-made solutions for Delta PLC to optimize its benefits for each client’s specific requirements. Our custom solutions maximize Delta’s benefits while meeting them more precisely than standard ones could ever do.

Training and Support Services

United Control Engineers provides extensive training and support services designed to ensure operators understand Delta PLC’s operation in order to maximize its smooth integration. United Control Engineers specialize in this area – our comprehensive services help reduce downtime while increasing operational efficiency.

Providing Solutions in Greater Noida, Noida, Delhi NCR, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and All Over India

Greater Noida, Noida, Delhi NCR, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and All Over India We Provide Solutions In These Locations

United Control Engineers offer their services throughout India, making their expertise accessible to industries across Greater Noida, Noida, Delhi NCR, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh as well as all across India. This extensive network presence makes Delta PLC solutions more readily accessible.

United Control Engineers specializes in custom-tailored solutions tailored to the requirements of different regions, offering solutions tailored specifically for optimal performance and efficiency in each location.


As we navigate the Delta PLC landscape, it becomes evident that industrial automation is poised for an exciting future. Delta PLC, with its continuous innovation and adaptability, is positioned as a driving force shaping the industry’s trajectory. In conclusion, Delta PLC emerges not just as a technology but as a driving force, empowering industries to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and precision in their operations. Its role in shaping the future of industrial automation is pivotal. 

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